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Getting Solar Proposals and making the switch to solar can be a great way to save money and help the environment. But with all the different options out there, it can be hard to know where to start. In this web page, we give you some tips on how to compare solar proposals so you can make the best decision for your needs.

3 Amazing Tips For Comparing Solar Proposals

1. One important thing to keep in mind when comparing solar proposals is the price per watt. This is the measure of how much you\u2019ll pay for each unit of solar energy you generate. The average price per watt in the US is about $3. You\u2019ll also want to compare the upfront costs of the different proposals. This includes the cost of the panel itself, as well as the cost of installation. Keep in mind that some states offer incentives for solar installations, so be sure to check what’s available in your area. Finally, you\u2019ll want to consider the long\u2013term costs and benefits of each proposal. Solar panels have a lifespan of 20-25 years, so you’ll need to make sure the proposal you choose will still be cost-effective over the long term. Make sure to compare the expected energy production of each proposal, as well as the warranty and maintenance costs. With all these factors to consider, comparing solar proposals can seem like a daunting task. But armed with these tips, you\u2019ll be able to make an informed decision that’s right for you.

2. When making such a big decision it is important to do your research so that you know you are making the best choice for you and your family. Below are a few more factors, beyond the initial cost and price per watt, to consider when making the switch to solar. First, how much sun does your home get? This is important because it will affect how much energy your panels will produce. If you live in an area with a lot of sun, you’ll likely see a higher return on investment from solar panels. But even if you don’t get as much sun, solar can still be a good investment. Second, what are the ongoing maintenance costs? Solar panels don’t require a lot of maintenance, but it’s important to factor in the cost of cleaning and inspecting them every few years. Finally, what are the other benefits of solar? In addition to saving money on your energy bill, solar can also increase the value of your home. And of course, it’s a great way to help the environment. So those are a few things to keep in mind when you’re comparing solar proposals. With careful research, you can make the best decision for your needs and be on your way to saving money and helping the planet.

3. Watch out for low interest rate loans. Usually, a 1-2% interest rate means there are hidden fees somewhere else. When your proposal offers you a low interest rate like this, check to see what your “dealer fees” or closing costs are for the loan. Likely they’ll add up to a higher amount over time than a higher interest rate loan, because those fees are padded to give the bank providing the loan a profit.

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