Guide to How Solar works

There are many situations in which solar panels may not get direct sunlight. They may be covered by shade from surrounding buildings or trees, are turned away from the sun, or simply affected by weather conditions like clouds, rain, or snow.

It Starts with Solar Panels Installation

Solar panels can be placed on your roof (or can be placed on the ground near the building) ideally facing close to south for the best results. We have thousands of satisfied customers in Washington D.C., Virginia, and Maryland. Learn more Newbies Guide To Solar Energy

Below is a map of the solar panel systems we installed so far.


Do solar panels need direct sunlight?

It is important that the panels have access to light. We’ll determine if there are any trees or structures that impede full exposure. We do this virtually and design your new solar system with 3D modeling software.

Inverters String and Microinverters

Inverters take DC electricity from the solar panels and convert it into the AC (alternating current) electricity, which your home’s appliances use. The inverters are tied directly to your electrical panel to power your home or business.

Inverters-Micro and String
Utility Meter

Utility Meter

Instead of your normal electric usage meter Majeski Solar Energy provides you a new net meter. If you are generating more electricity than you use, then  the surplus electricity flows through the meter back to the grid as a credit on your account, which shows on your next bill. 

Your Power Bill

As your new solar panels begin to produce its own solar power, you will rely less and less on the electricity provided from your local utility company. This will result a cutting into your monthly power bills. This applies to residential and commercial customers.

Power Bill

A Few Recent Residential Solar Projects

Just Ask Us About How Solar Panels Work

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