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They are Beautiful: Featuring their proprietary Zep Groove design, the all-black module connects with Tesla ZS components to keep panels close to your roof and close to each other for a blended aesthetic with simple drop-in and precision quarter-turn connections. 

They are Reliable: Tesla modules are subject to automotive-grade engineering scrutiny and quality assurance, far exceeding industry standards. Modules are certified to IEC / UL 61730 – 1,IEC / UL 61730 – 2 and IEC / UL 61215.

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  • Large wattage at 425W per panel
  • High-efficiency panels that perform very well in California weather extremes
  • A 25-year performance guarantee backed by Tesla
  • A 25-year production guarantee backed by Bright Planet
  • Very limited opportunity to own something truly incredible
  • A CTA button to secure a discovery session and claim your Tesla panels
Why you Should Get Tesla Solar Panels

Tesla Solar Panels Summary:

They are Powerful:

The Tesla 425W module is one of the most powerful residential photovoltaic modules available. This system requires up to 20 percent fewer modules to achieve the same power as a standard system. The module boasts a high conversion efficiency and a half-cell architecture that improves shade tolerance.

With falling electricity prices, you can make it possible for more efficient systems to become affordable, such as solar panels.

There are many reasons why people choose to purchase solar panels. Saving money on monthly electric bills is the most common reason. Another reason is because they want to invest in renewable energy now that they can see its benefits. And, of course, some people make the decision to go solar because it’s good for the environment and they want to help reduce our carbon footprint.


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