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Majeski Solar Energy offers solar solutions for residents in Washington DC. Call us today at 703-851-5853 and ask us about the many benefits of solar energy.

Solar Solutions for a Clean Energy Renewabale Future

Bringing clean energy to homes is an important part of a more sustainable future for our country. The transition to clean energy will not only save people money on their electric bills, but also create new well-paying jobs. We specialize in solar solutions for residential solar installations, commercial solar installations, reduced carbon footprint, and clean renewable energy. We have been installing, designing and integrating clean energy systems for over ten years. Our mission is to offer our customers the best and most advanced solar solutions. If you want to decrease your energy bill, produce clean solar energy for your own home or business and help protect our environment all at the same time, then you should look no further than Majeski Solar Energy.

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Solar Solutions: sustainable future

It’s our mission at Majeski Solar Energy to provide you with the most efficient solar solutions available and put an end to your electric bill today. To meet these goals, Majeski Solar Energy is committed to first providing top-notch service that is truly unmatched in the industry, second providing a superior solar product, and finally using the same high standards and innovative approach it has used to become an industry leader to create a sustainable future for our country. We’re not your typical solar company. We’re a group of young, innovative and ambitious people who have one thing in common: We want to help make the world a more sustainable place. We’re about empowering others and serving our community, which is what makes us the perfect choice for your home or commercial solar project. Contact us at 703-851-5853 and schedule a free consultation.

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Solar Solutions ; knowledge based

In the United States, more than 97% of the total solar energy is captured by the desert. Major desert areas are in Nevada, Arizona and California. In contrast, the cloudiest state in America is Washington with only 5% of sunlight captured. Approximately half of the energy produced at Majeski Solar Energy is used to power the off-the-grid manufacturing facility. In an attempt to further reduce its environmental impact and dependence on fossil fuels, Majeski Solar Energy created a renewable energy source that works with existing technology, while adding to its capacity. Majeski offers custom solar solutions for all your needs, providing a wide range of solar products and services. Majeski is an experienced, environmentally-conscious company that you can trust. All Majeski employees are certified by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP). We install the best solar products and panels.

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When considering the hiring of solar energy companies, most people think about buying a home solar panel system. After all, this makes sense from an ROI perspective. Residential solar installation is generally cheaper than commercial solar, and it can also be tied directly to your home’s energy usage. Additionally, if you live in a sun-drenched area like many parts of California or New Mexico, buying a home solar panel system can give you the highest possible return on investment with little risk. There are some significant upsides to installing residential solar panels. The upfront cost is obviously much lower than for a commercial installation (especially factoring in current tax incentives), and It Is easy to get solar financing which is why most people love It.  With solar installed your home would sell quickly.

Rooftop Solar System Solution

Majeski Solar Energy is a full-service solar energy provider that helps thousands of homeowners and business owners across Washington D.C. to reduce their energy costs, improve their environment and make a sustainable future for our country. Majeski Solar Energy is a premier provider of solar energy solutions that help clients lower their electricity costs, increase their quality of life, and protect the environment. The company provides comprehensive solar solutions for residential and commercial clients to ensure that they get the most out of their solar energy systems. If you’re new to solar check out our news blog for exciting news articles from the best in solar energy contractor.

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Learn About Commercial Solar Installers


Reduce your electric bill with $0 investment. You save the planet and save money with solar. Did you know that companies with solar panels on their roofs produce 44% of all commercial solar energy in the U.S.? There are many reasons why businesses choose to add a small-scale solar installation to their property. The most important factor is how much money it will save them over the long term, but there are other less obvious benefits as well. The profitability analysis for a business depends on several factors – from what type of utility rates they have and how much electricity they use to how much rent or mortgage they pay and how old their building is. 

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We install the smallest home projects to the largest commercial projects in DC., Virginia, and Maryland. We’re proudly local and fiercely loyal to our customers and our community.

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